September 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011
First Bible Quiz Meet of the year held at the Hayward Wesleyan Church! The passages for this year’s quizzing are from Mark, Hebrews and  1 & 2 Peter. Click on the Quizzing Schedule tab for more information. You can start memorizing as soon as you’d like (if you haven’t started already). Tim will have quizbooks available at the picnic, or if you aren’t able to attend, let Tim know and he will get them to you. We are going to try a little different format at quiz meets this year, nothing major, but Tim has a few ideas that should make our Saturdays together even better! And, oh yes….adults, take note that there will be adult quizzing this year, so kid’s let’s show the adult what we got! (I changed it from what Tim said. Haha!)