Northwoods Campus Outreach is a Christian, non-profit and inter-denominational ministry begun in 1988 with the purpose of evangelization and discipleship of youth and their families in Northwest Wisconsin. This purpose is accomplished through activities such as Bible studies, lock-ins, camping trips, Bible Quizzing and most importantly, personal relationships with our youth.

Under the direction of Tim Stilwell, NCO seeks to lay a foundation of faith built on God’s Word through activities that encourage and strengthen the spiritual lives of our youth, while providing positive relationships with other Christian young people as well as adults.

NCO desires to come alongside existing church youth groups to assist in the promotion of local activites, as well as to provide other opportunities, such as Bible Quizzing competitions, crusades, etc…, that often cannot be met within one specific church youth group. We are also excited about the possiblities of activities that can include the youth of smaller churchs that, simply due to numbers, would not be able to experience some of these activities on their own.

We appreciate your prayers and interest in the work of Northwoods Campus Outreach and will be glad to answer any questions or suggestions you may have as we introduce the life changing love of Jesus to the youth of Northwest Wisconsin.